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Campus Transfer Form
Registrar's Office





Note: Campus Transfers will only be permitted prior to the start of a semester.

Program Information: *

Changing From:

Changing To: ***

 I acknowledge that participation in Athletics and Langhorne Campus student programming (including, but not limited to
intramurals, student organizations, and ensembles); campus employment opportunities; and campus housing opportunities are reserved
for Langhorne Campus students and are not available to Cairn Online students.

 I acknowledge that, if I decide to transfer back to the Langhorne Campus in a future semester, my Langhorne Campus
financial aid package may be different than I received originally as an incoming Langhorne Campus student. All students transferring from
Cairn Online to Langhorne Campus, regardless of prior study at the Langhorne Campus, will receive a new financial aid package that is
standard for all Cairn Online transfers to Langhorne Campus. Campus transfers to Langhorne campus will receive any federal and state
aid they are eligible for, plus a Campus Transfer Scholarship.




Office use only



* Students desiring to change programs as well as campuses must also complete a Change of Program form.

** Students can find their current matriculation year/term in the Academic Plan on Self-Service.

*** Students changing to Cairn Online will automatically be placed into the Fall 2020 or later matriculation
year/term (and will be required to complete the new core requirements).


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